Secret Island of Tortuga    ( Available )
Family Action Adventure Comedy

A dog and a dolphin form an unlikely friendship and partnership when modern day pirates blow up the dog's family's research vessel. Accompanied by a young brother and sister who also need to learn to cooperate, the dog and dolphin embark on a perilous action-packed journey, overcoming all obstacles to seek safety and try to find their remaining family members. This movie is an action/adventure family comedy with something for everyone -- humor, pathos, breath-taking suspense, and a reverence for nature. It is a visually exciting and stunning film with lovable, memorable characters who laugh, cry, live, and survive against all odds...

Secret Island of Tortuga

Legs    ( Available )
High Concept Romantic Comedy

“Legs” is a screwball comedy adaptation of the classic Frog Prince fairy tale. FAWN ROBERTS, a biologist, believes that her husband, JEREMY, is having an affair with his secretary, SAUCIE SEDUCEUR. This thoroughly original, entertaining version of adultery hops wildly into an adult, fairy tale comedy, which consummates in one spouse becoming quite different. Hop to it!

Love Bites    ( Available )
Black Comedy

“Love Bites” is the story of two people who work hard at making a potential romance a reality despite major obstacles. MURRAY ABRAHAM is a vampire, but he doesn’t like it one “bite.” He doesn’t like much that goes along with being a vampire, including his bratty bat sidekicks, DRAT and RAT, and drinking blood. He would die for a pastrami on rye and a tan. To make matters worse, he’s a klutz when it comes to certain vampire requirements like flying and turning into a bat. The part about the blood-drinking that makes him the most squeamish is his fear of contracting AIDS. He hasn’t quite gotten the gist if being immortal yet. His Jewish nature leaves him feeling quite guilty about sucking blood out of beautiful women without so much as a “Hi, how do you do?”

Hopefully Ever After    ( Available )
Romantic Comedy

Log line
A romantic comedy of errors about the rigors of love and dating in our modern age. Can two people destined to be together, but who just can't seem to get together, find a way to make love and romance work?

"Hopefully Ever After" is modern screwball comedy about the rigors of love and dating in our modern age. CHLOE MEADOWS and KAREN LEWISMAN are best friends. They met when they were both arrested. Karen was the flower-child and Chloe was the one raised to be a corporate wife. But Karen was the one who got married, had a child named REBECCA, and got divorced. Chloe never found Mr. Right...

The Moon is Broken    ( Available )

This is the true story of ANNIE CRAIG, believed to be the first woman diagnosed with AIDS. Annie Craig is a spirited flower-child in love with love, life and the world. On her 21st birthday in 1974 she informs her family that she is going to Africa with her boyfriend TIM to research her thesis on Witchcraft in Africa. Her family is less than excited. Her already strained relationship with her parents, especially her mother, ELEANOR, becomes even more tense. Annie loves Africa and everything she experiences there, but a part of her gets lost there. She returns home six months later excited about returning to school. In the meantime, her mother has given up her day-care business and gone full time into practicing psychology. Her father, BILL, is still working on his book about Russian battles, an apparently never-ending project.

JINXED    ( Available )
Romantic Comedy

JINXED – A thrice-widowed woman who likens herself to a black-widow spider meets her true soul mate, and sets out to find him someone else to love, lest their romance land him in a coffin. All her efforts backfire, driving her straight back into the arms of the man she truly loves, a man who won't be happy until she accepts their love…on love's terms.

JINXED can fill a marketplace hungry for escapist entertainment -- this in the style of a '30s screwball comedy. The plot is thick with unexpected twists and turns which leave viewers surprised at every juncture. JINXED will be anything but!

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Four Your Love    ( SOLD )
Romantic Comedy

"For Your Love" is a romantic comedy about a couple dealing with the lumps and bumps of modern marriage but surviving them all. TAMI ARMISHAW, an interior decorator, had no sooner married RIC EDWARDS than he was killed in a limo accident on their way to the airport for their honeymoon. The bereaved widow recounts all the husbands she has married and buried while at her new husband's funeral and decides on a new course for her life.

Maybe Baby    ( SOLD )
Romantic Comedy

He is handsome, glib, and charming. She is athletic, pulls down a great salary, and they both cook dinner at night. What is a married couple who seem to have it all missing? A baby. And they are trying everything in order to have one. After trying sex in certain positions, in vitro, chanting, acupuncture, the only thing that they come away with is a challenge to their marriage and improved cardio vascular function. He finds his jobs less and less fulfilling so he decides to write about their efforts to conceive. She forbids it and their marriage becomes shaky at best.

Baracuda    ( SOLD )
Romantic Comedy


Majestic Pony    ( SOLD )
Family Film


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