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Los Angeles Times - If I Had a Tail

I Wish I Had a Tail
Los Angeles Times - Los Angeles, Calif.
Date: Apr 30, 2000
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Some animals have tails,

Some do not.

I wish I had a tail,

With its end in a knot!

I would like to have a tail

To swish around;

I would swish my tail

All over this town!

I could wipe my windows,

Polish my shoes,

Clean my glasses,

And twirl it till I snoozed.

Who knows what

A tail is for?

It's a work of art,

And a whole lot more.

Monkeys have great tails;

That is for sure.

Monkeys have model tails

That are very secure.

Sharks have tails

To steer though the sea.

Their tails are so perfect

They are like high-tech


All birds have tails,

And their feathers fall out.

Do you know why that happens,

And what that's all about?

Compared to a cute

Cottontail bunny,

Humans with tails,

Might look pretty funny!

Maybe we're fine,

Just the way we are.

A tailless creature,

And the silliest by far.

Kids, if you ever crave a tail, you might like to try this: Make your own tail by stuffing a sock and tying it around your hips. See how it feels. Try swishing it side to side, then up and down. Let people think what they will. Only you will know what having a tail really feels like!

Patricia Rust is author of "The King of Skittledeedoo," a children's picture book that promotes literacy. You can see her today at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books by the Reading by 9 stage. She promises to wear her tail.

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